Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What makes wine tasting an experience?

From celebrations of anniversaries and birthdays to holiday leisure, to meetings, wine tasting has always been a go-to for many adults. A relaxed, friendly environment is what most guests and tourists desire when stepping into a wine tasting room. 

            Upcoming, is a unique, inviting and tasteful wine bar which will step foot into Waikiki, Hawaii starting in 2016. Hawaii will experience a new wine tasting room, named Hawaiian Vines. This will be a cross between fine wine and Hawaiian experience, unlike any other wine tasting room in Hawaii. Not only will the atmosphere be welcoming for locals and tourists alike, but the wines are hand-selected from wine professionals, and the culture of Hawaii will be evident in this Waikiki wine tasting room.

            This is an unmistakable extraordinary wine tasting room that everyone will get to experience in 2016!

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