Friday, June 12, 2015

Thank Wasps For Wine

No one likes wasps. They’re hypodermic needles with wings and an attitude. But despite their habit of stinging you for absolutely no reason, we all owe the wonders of wine to these bad-tempered bugs.
During the summer, the fungus Saccharomyces cerevisiae grows on vineyard grapes, and this particular yeast is key in making wine, beer, and bread. Sure, winemakers add even more yeast later, but if S. cerevisiae isn’t present on the grapes from the start, the wine just won’t have the same taste. However, there’s one little problem. S. cerevisiae only grows during the summer. The winter chill should kill all the fungi off.
That’s where the wasps come in. Wasps love grapes. When the fruits ripen in the summer, the bugs chow down and fly back to their nests, where they give the masticated mush to their larvae.
When they eat the fruit, the insects ingest the yeast, and their stomachs provide the perfect environment for it to survive the frosty months. More importantly, when wasps feed their young, they pass the fungus to their babies. That way, when the larvae mature, they reintroduce S. cerevisiae to the vineyards and start the process all over again.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Food & Wine Names The Best - Hawaiian Vines Takes Note

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Food & Wine magazine on Thursday handed out its first annual restaurant awards for US eateries which it said "represent some of the most compelling restaurant trends today".
"These awards celebrate all kinds of amazing dining experiences, from the most forward-thinking chefs and restaurateurs in the country," Dana Cowin, editor-in-chief of the magazine, said in a statement. "I love how diverse and trendsetting these places are and how fun."
The epicurean monthly cited Cosme in New York, Petit Trois in Los Angeles and Spoon And Stable in Minneapolis among the most promising new restaurants in the country. It also named The Grey in Savannah, Georgia, and The Progress in San Francisco as the best restaurants that opened in 2014.
Cosme is the first restaurant outside of Mexico opened by acclaimed Mexican chef Enrique Olvera. French chef Ludo Lefebvre puts his own spin on French classics at Petit Trois and American chef Gavin Kaysen creates modern American dishes at Spoon And Stable, according to the magazine.
HwaiianVines Tasting Room will feature varietals from across the globe and when the tasting room opens in February 2016, Hawaiian Vines will quickly become the best place to Tase wine in Hawaii!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wine Tasting In Hawaii – Go or No?

Hawaii is popularly not recognised as a wine tasting location due to being outshone by regions in France, Italy and California. However, Hawaii has developed its own, unique wine which includes the sweet pineapple, creating a new sensation for wine lovers.
            In early 2016, a new wine tasting room will open in Waikiki, Hawaii. This wine tasting room will include many different regions of wine, allowing all visitors to flavor the unique and vast palette of wines. From reds to whites, to full body and light wines, from sweet to acidic, Hawaiian Vines wine tasting room will provide the ultimate experience for locals and tourists alike. Wine tasting is an enjoyable event that can be savored and relished by all those that visit this unique location. Waikiki has not seen a concept like this before and we are sure that all guests will receive an individual, personalized experience sampling fine wines whilst enjoying the Hawaiian culture.

So, as far as wine tasting in Hawaii, in early 2016, Hawaiian Vines is a ‘GO!’ from us!

Wines That Please

From all over the world, wines are being produced. Different grapes, strains and fermentation are variables that are being tested everyday all over the world. With this, comes wines that have different tannins, sweetness, acidity and of course, tastes. A wine tasting room specifically caters to those who want to try different wines without the purchase of full bottles to discover what the individual likes and dislikes in a wine.

            Wines often differ greatly by region. For example, the “Old World” countries are popularly known as France, Italy and Germany. The “New World” is known as USA, Chile and Australia. France mainly produces Syrah, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon, while the USA focuses on Zinfandel and Chardonnay.

            Similarly, Hawaii features its own wine, which includes the sweet pineapple, creating a new sensation of wine. Early in 2016, a new tasting room, Hawaiian Vines, will open in Waikiki, Hawaii. A friendly, relaxed atmosphere will invite locals and visitors alike to taste a variety of wines from regions all over the world, including California and Hawaii. This is a unique experience that Hawaii has never seen before. Wine tasting will be a new sensation for everyone who visits, as it promises to create an individual tasting experience for all.

We look forward to seeing you there!

What makes wine tasting an experience?

From celebrations of anniversaries and birthdays to holiday leisure, to meetings, wine tasting has always been a go-to for many adults. A relaxed, friendly environment is what most guests and tourists desire when stepping into a wine tasting room. 

            Upcoming, is a unique, inviting and tasteful wine bar which will step foot into Waikiki, Hawaii starting in 2016. Hawaii will experience a new wine tasting room, named Hawaiian Vines. This will be a cross between fine wine and Hawaiian experience, unlike any other wine tasting room in Hawaii. Not only will the atmosphere be welcoming for locals and tourists alike, but the wines are hand-selected from wine professionals, and the culture of Hawaii will be evident in this Waikiki wine tasting room.

            This is an unmistakable extraordinary wine tasting room that everyone will get to experience in 2016!